Ophthalmoscopy Ocular Lens And Instruments

Slit-lamp indirect ophthalmoscope is necessary in order to assess the health or shape of the posterior section of the human eye and in specific to identify the existence of the macular oedema. The non-contact auxiliary lens is utilized in the combination with the slit lamp to give an inverted, wide area, stereoscopic image with great resolution. Shows out to the peripheral retina might be achieved with some types of lenses. This is helpful so as to find out the presence of the retinal neovascularisation
There are several condensing lenses and ocular instruments are available in the market. Some of the main producers of condensing lenses are Haag Streit, Nikon, Ocular Instruments, and VOLK. These are the main types of lens which are used in the ophthalmoscopy test and treatments. They are also plus powered with convex aspheric surfaces. The plus 60D version has the highest magnification and it is mainly used for macular and disc. The plus 78D version is the best common diagnostic lens, the plus 90D is best with small pupils as is the SuperPupil. The plus 66D version offers a high definition view of the macular and disc. The SuperField that is approximately plus 90D is a high-quality all rounder.
There are available in blue-free or clear, “yellow retina protector glass”. This is considered as the most comfortable one for the patient and it reduces the danger of phototoxic retinal damage because of the prolonged exposure to the focused light beam. These lenses are available in various powers and sizes at different prices in the market. One of the best ways to purchase these products is through online. The online stores would provide a huge range of collection of ocular instruments and lens at reasonable rates. However make sure that you purchase these products from a reputable company.

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