Ophthalmoscopy Instruments Types

Ophthalmoscopy is also called as fundoscopy or funduscopy is a medical test which allows a doctor or medical professionals to examine or see inside fundus of the eye and other parts with the help of on instrument known as funduscope or ophthalmoscope. This test is done as a part of the eye examination and might be done as part of a regular physical examination. It is important in determining the health of the vitreous humor and retina of the eye. There are two types of ophthalmoscope instruments are used by the medical professionals for examining the inside of the eye such as direct ophthalmoscope and indirect ophthalmoscope.

Direct Ophthalmoscope

The direct funduscope is most commonly used medical instrument for examining the eye. It is a handheld instrument that includes a concave mirror which reflects a small light beam. The heal professionals looks through the eye piece that act as a magnifying glass which sheds the light beam into the eye. The instrument has a rotating disc that allows the doctors to examine the eye at several different magnifications. The eye patients look straight forward when the light beam is directed into the eye. In order to enlarge the pupil so that the doctor could have a better look, eye drops are used into the patient eye.

Indirect Ophthalmoscope

The Indirect ophthalmoscope or funduscope is a lesser used device, however still it is one of the medical professionals’ options during the eye test. Indirect ophthalmoscope is a binocular kind of device on the doctor's head which is used to focus on a specific part inside the eye, giving a 3D (three-dimensional) look. It also gives for wider view and brighter light for the doctor in order to examine potential trouble spots.


Ophthalmoscopy is the use of the eye drops to the dialate the pupil providing the medical professional a better look interior the eye. It is a normal part of an eye test and almost painless.

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