Ophthalmoscopy Definition

Ophthalmoscopy is a test of the back part of the eyeball or fundus that includes the optic disc, retina, blood vessels and choroids. Ophthalmoscopy is also called as funduscopy
How the ophthalmoscopy is performed
Direct ophthalmoscopy
You will be made to sit in a dark room and the doctor who performs this common examination by directing a light beam from the instrument known as ophthalmoscope, through the pupil in order to see the back of the eyeball or fundus. An ophthalmoscope is a device which is about the size of a torchlight or flashlight, with battery powered light and a disk which is containing several rotating lenses. The magnification achieved by utilizing the direct funduscope occurs since the eye is a simple magnifier. Rotating lenses integrated in the device are utilized to correct the focusing error of the doctor or the patient being tested.
Slit-lamp ophthalmoscopy
You will be seated at the same device used in testing the front segment of the human eye. An extra lens would be held close to the patient’s eye in order to allow the medical professional to see the inside part of the eye which is called as fundus. This has the benefit of 3D or three-dimensional view as well as the magnification of the direct ophthalmoscopy. The view is much large and wider than the direct ophthalmoscopy, however not as large as the indirect ophthalmoscopy.
Indirect ophthalmoscopy
You would either sit or lie in a semi reclining position. The doctor does this test by holding your eye open. The doctor wears a device on the head like the miner’s light. Whilst holding your eye open with the help of a hand-held tool, the doctor projects a bright beam of light into the patient’s eye. A little pressure might be applied into your eyeball with the help of a small, blunt tool, and you will be asked to look in several different directions.

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